The Song of Songs

Track listing:

1 The Day of Bliss and Joy - 06:47

2 Spirits and Goddesses - 07:52

3 May He Smother Me With Kisses - 06:38

4 Sixty Queens - 07:51

5 Dark But Lovely - 08L33

6 The Dance of the Double Camp - 05:58

7 The Veil - 11:25

8 Set Me as a Seal - 07:50

The Song of Songs is a large-scale jazz composition in oratorio form, combining orchestral jazz, contemporary compostion, gospel, and guided and free improvisation. Inspired by the Song of Solomon from the Holy Bible, the libretto was compiled by Klaus König and Radu Malfatti.

This unusual project, bringing together more than fifty musicians, was realised with the help of the WDR Köln, one of Germany's largest radio stations. In an outstanding artistic effort, composer Klaus König combines the energies of a breathtaking gospel ensemble (The Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir) with a modern big band featuring some highly individual soloists from jazz's avant-garde.

The Song of Songs is a modern adventure in music that does not deny the jazz and gospel tradition, while meeting the demands of the concert hall throughout. It is sure to be remembered as one of the major works of jazz in this decade.