Jubilation VI - Looking Back

Track listing:

CD 1 - 1 I've Decided - 5:00

Montreal Black Community Youth Choir
Kim Sherwood, soloist

CD 1 - 2 O Mary Don't You Weep - 6:22

Montreal Black Community Youth Choir and
The Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir
(Inez Andrews)
Beatrice Langford, soloist (MBCYC)
Kathleen Dyson, soloist: vocals and guitar (MJGC)

CD 1 - 3 It Is Well With My Soul - 4:36

David Gordon, soloist

CD 1 - 4 Lord I Know I've Been Changed - 2:47

Janijam Music - Socan

CD 1 - 5 Fix Me - 2:24


CD 1 - 6 How I Got Over - 5:33

(Clara Ward)
Kathleen Dyson, soloist
Recorded December 14, 1986

CD 1 - 7 Steal Away - 4:10

Arranged by William L. Dawson
Neil A. Kjos Music Co

CD 1 - 8 Ezekiel Saw the Wheel - 2:39

Arranged by William L. Dawson
Neil A. Kjos Music Co.

CD 1 - 9 Highway To Heaven - 5:31

(Thomas A. Dorsey)
Unichappell Music
Kathleen Dyson, soloist

CD 1 - 10 Yes, God Is Real - 8:59

(K. Morris)
Salome Bey, soloist

CD 1 - 11 I Love to Praise His Name - 2:49

Salome Bey, Kathleen Dyson; soloists

CD 2 - 1 Come Sunday/Wake Up Singing - 12:27

Jackie Richardson, soloist

CD 2 - 2 Never Turn Back - 4:41

(Thomas A. Dorsey)
Rachel Pierre, soloist

CD 2 - 3 Just a Closer Walk with Thee - 4:06

(Public Domain)
Arranged by Oliver Jones
Oliver Jones, piano

CD 2 - 4 Glory Train - 3:56

(Alex Bradford)
Pathway House of Music, BMI
Kathleen Dyson, soloist

CD 2 - 5 Over My Head - 4:58


CD 2 - 6 Remember O Thou Man - 4:30

(Thomas Ravenscroft)
Public Domain

CD 2 - 7 Go Tell It On The Mountain - 3:17

Arranged by Trevor W. Payne
Kathleen Dyson, soloist

CD 2 - 8 Stille Nacht - Silent Night - 4:51

(Franz Grüber)
Carol L. M. Wilson, soloist

CD 2 - 9 Christmas Medley - 7:40

Joy to the World
Music: G. F. Händel, Text: Issac Watts
O Come All Ye Faithful
Public Domain
Gloria in excelsis Deo (Les Anges dans nos campagnes)
Public Domain

CD 2 - 10 Set Me as a Seal - 7:46

(Klaus König)
From the Album: Song of Songs

CD 2 - 11 Tassa Improvisation - 0:50

Boodoo Singh Tassa Band (Trinidad):
Boodoo Singh Singh, cutting drum
Lenny Kumar, timing drum
Munesh Kumar, jahal (brass)
Suresh Kumar, bass drum

Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir
Founded and directed by
Trevor W. Payne, C. M.

« This special two-CD package is a retrospective with a twist - it features many previously unreleased performances by the group, one of Canada's most beloved choruses . »

Jubilation VI - Looking Back
A Special 20th. Anniversary Compilation
CD#: Just 66/67-2 (2 CD set)
Produced by Jim West and Trevor W. Payne

All musical arrangements by Trevor W. Payne, C. M.
unless otherwise stated

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Anita Allen, Elizabeth Bailey, Anne E. Corbin, Sylvie Desgroseilliers, Melanie Dixon, Jeanette E. Gibson, Andrea Goulbourne, Norma Heitner, Patricia Knight, Sylvia Knight, Carole L. Mark, Joanne Noel, Heather Seaman, Marie Louise Thomas, Haneefah Whyte, Shelley Whyte, Carol L. M. Wilson.

Jean T. C. Cambridge, Susan I. Clarke, Joanne Griffith, Sharon Johnson, Lisa Lapointe, Sherie Lowe, Waverly Madden, Alanna Mohan, Marie-Hélène Montreuil, Sonia Patenaude, Kandace L. Springer, Andrea G. Weekes, Andrea D. Yearwood.

Misana Bannister, Kathleen Dyson, David Dryden, Ian Foster, Adrian Gibson, Osei Giddings, Guy Groleau, Julian Lee.

Timothy Alleyne, Stephen L. M. Carrington, Sylvan Bowles-Dove, Michael Heitner, Kenrick Abdul Julien, Don L. Marsman, Earl Tabb, Clement C. Walker.