Jubilation III - Glory Train

Track listing:

1 Glory Train 3:56

(Alex Bradford - Pathway House of Music, BMI)
Kathleen Dyson, soloist

2 Changed 4:15

(Walter Hawkins - Libris Music, BMI)
Jimmie Earl Perry, soloist

3 Ezekiel Saw the Wheel 2:28

Arranged by William L. Dawson

4 It Is Well With My Soul 4:36

David Gordon, soloist

5 Close to Thee 3:36

Kathleen Dyson, soloist

6 He Got Up On the Third Day 4:31

(Jerry Parries - Bloomfield Music / Parries Pub Co.)
Kathleen Dyson, soloist

7 I Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody 3:05

(Alex Bradford - Pathway House - BMI)
Kathleen Dyson, Jimmie Earl Perry, soloists

8 To the Glory Of God 4:59

(Robert Fryson - Savoy Music - Glori Music BMI)
Jimmie Earl Perry, soloist

9 Inna Dat Mornin' 1:42


10 He Touched Me 4:16

(William Gaitner - ASCAP Music)
David Gordon, soloist

11 Highway To Heaven - 4:31

(Thomas A. Dorsey)
Unichappell Music
Kathleen Dyson, soloist

12 God Is So Good 2:28

Donald L. Marsman, soloist

Jubilation III - Glory Train
CD#: Just 35-2
Produced by Jim West and Trevor W. Payne

Musical arrangements by Trevor W. Payne
unless otherwise stated

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Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir
Founded and directed by
Trevor W. Payne, C. M.

«Recorded at Studio Tempo in Montreal between August and October 1990. This choir rocks out with spirit and liveliness. Great music for Sunday mornings.»-The Record

Anita Allen, Nathalie Bernard, Michelle A. Browne, Joy Charles, Anne E. Corbin, Faye D. Corbin, Suzie Desloges, Andrea Dillon, Jeannette E. Gibson, Patricia Knight, Sylvia Knight, Stacey T. Lafontaine, Carole L. Mark, Miranda Potts, Sandra Renélique, Yvonne Rhoden, Delrose Riley, Marie Thomas, Lesley Warren, Carol L. M. Wilson, Jane Woods;

Juli Aubin, Christina Bingham, Jean T.C. Cambridge, Susan I. Clarke, Germaine Davis, Marjorie Dixon, Joanne Griffith, Loulou Hughes, Nicole Johnson, Lisa Paterson, Carmen Smith-Husbands, Kandice L. Springer, Myrna L. Springer, Andrea G. Weeks, Andrea D. Yearwood;


Misana Bannister, Terry S. Baptiste, Stephen Carrington, Stephen Clare, Kathleen Dyson, Ian Foster, Richard A. Gamble, David Gordon, Guy Groleau, Rick Hughes, Paul Lecavalier, Jimmy Earl Perry, Clement C. Walker;

Van Abrahams, Sean Baptiste, Sylvan Bowles-Dove, Diego M. DeSouza, Michael Dozier, Kenrick Julien, Don L. Marsman, Maroun Nehme;

Kathleen Dyson, Guitar; Kevin DeSouza, Bass; Evelyn Mitchell, Organ & Piano; Trevor W. Payne, Piano; Jeffrey Simons, Drums