Jubilation II

Track listing:

1 How I Got Over 5:33

(Clara Ward)
Kathleen Dyson, soloist
Recorded December 14, 1986

2 Wake Up Singing 3:54

Jackie Richardson, soloist
Background vocals:
Van Abrahams, Nicole Johnson, Sonia Taylor

3 Lord I Know I've Been Changed 3:05

(C. A. Tindley)

4 Jesus, Lover of My Soul 7:02

(C. Wesley)

5 Lord Help Me to Hold Out 4:37

(Dexter Cleveland)
David Gordon, soloist

6 You Brought the Sunshine 5:17

(E. Clark)
Jackie Richardson, soloist
Background vocals:
Van Abrahams, Nicole Johnson, Sonia Taylor

7 There's Nothing God Can't Do 2:49 (D. Vails)

(D. Vails)
Graham Chambers, Warren Williams, soloists
Recorded December 14, 1986

8 God Is Love 5:46

Jackie Richardson, soloist

Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir
Founded and directed by
Trevor W. Payne, C. M.

Recorded 'In Concert' December 14, 1986 and
December 12, and 13, 1987, at
St. James United Church, Montreal, Canada

"This world famous choir directed by Trevor W. Payne is considered one of the finest around."

CD#: Just 21-2
Produced by Jim West and Trevor W. Payne
Musical arrangements by Trevor W. Payne

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Anita Allen, Cecile Barrett, Donna Blunt, Michelle A. Browne, Claudette Clarke, Petula Clarke, Susan I. Clarke, Anne Corbin, Faye D. Corbin, Phyllis Dickson, Andrea Dillon, Andrea Egerton, Shirley Hamilton, Marie Fortune Jean-Charles, Beatrice Langford, Florence McLean, Becki M. Piper, Sharon A. Quintyn, Michelle Ray, Jennifer Sargeant, Tracy A. Simpson, Althea Sobers, Rolanda Taylor, Audrey Walters, Lesley Warren, Andrea Weekes;

Jennifer Allen, Ruth R. Ambris, Jean T.C. Cambridge, Sabrina Carrington, Germaine T.G. Davis, Roslyn A. Edwards, Wilma Griffin, Heather Hamilton, Roslyn Hunt, Nicole Johnson, Terry J. McGimpsey, Akosua-Therese Poku, Stacie Tabb, Andrea Yearwood;

Brenda Brisbon, Steve Carrington, Gerard Constant, Kathleen Dyson-Oliver, Richard Gamble, David Gordon, Brian Harris, Patrick L.A. Saunders, Clement C. Walker, Edward Watson;

Van Abrahams, J.I.M. Ashby, Marc B. Auguste, Kenrick Abdul Julien, Don L. Marsman, E.C. Mason, Earl Tabb;

Marc B. Auguste, Piano
Graham Chambers, Drums
Kevin de Souza, Bass
Kathleen Dyson-Oliver, Guitar
Trevor W. Payne, Piano
Kenneth Pearson, Organ
Warren Williams, Organ / Piano

Special Guest:
Ms. Jackie Richardson