JUNO Award Winner « A highly unusual Christmas album from the Montreal Choir, which has now moved well beyond its original black roots. » The Record Jubilation V - Joy To The WorldCD#: Just 54-2 Recorded and mixed at Studio Tempo, Montreal, Can

Jubilation V - Joy to the World

Track listing:

1 Gregorian Chant - 0:47

Arranged by Trevor W. Payne
Jubilation Male Chorus

2 Gloria In Excelsis Deo - 1:55

(A Vivaldi)

3 Remember O Thou Man - 4:30

(Thomas Ravenscroft)
Public Domain

4 Quel est l'Enfant qui est né ce soir - 2:44

(Traditional: Tune Greensleeves)

5 Wohl mir daß ich Jesum habe - 4:19

(J. S. Bach)
Eng. 'Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring'
Aus Kantate BWV 147: Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben

6 Over My Head 4:58


7 Stille Nacht - Ô Nuit de Paix - Silent Night 4:5

(Franz Grüber)
Carol L. M. Wilson, soloist

8 Go Tell It On The Mountain 3:17 (Traditional)

Arranged by Trevor W. Payne
Kathleen Dyson, soloist

9 Amazing Grace 4:41

(John Newton)
Arranged by Trevor W. Payne

10 We Three Kings 4:40

(J. H. Hopkins Jr.)
Arranged by Trevor W. Payne

11 Geographical Fugue for Speaking Chorus 3:00

(Ernst Toch)

12 Calypso Christmas Medley 7:40

Joy to the World
   Music: G. F. Händel, Text: Issac Watts
O Come All Ye Faithful
   Public Domain
Gloria in excelsis Deo (Les Anges dans nos campagnes)
   Public Domain

Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir
Founded and directed by
Trevor W. Payne, C. M.

Anita Allen, Joy Charles, Anne E. Corbin, Elizabeth Bailey, Sylvie Desgroseilliers, Jeannette Gibson, Andrea Goulbourne, Norma Heitner, Patricia Knight, Sylvia Knight, Carole L. Mark, Maryse Pinet, Heather E. Seaman, Marie-Louise Thomas, Haneefah White, Shelley White, Carol L.M. Wilson

Jean T.C. Cambridge, Susan I. Clarke, Marjorie Dixon, Joanne Griffith, Loulou Hughes, Sharon Johnson, Lisa Lapointe, Waverley Madden, Marie-Hélène Montreuil, Sonia Patenaude, Kandace L. Springer, Myrna L. Springer, Andrea G. Weekes, Andrea D. Yearwood.

Misana Bannister, Terry S. Baptiste, David Dryden, Kathleen Dyson, Ian Foster, Richard A. Gamble, Adrian Gibson, Oseh Giddings, Guy Groleau, Julian Lee.

Stephen L. M. Carrington, Sylvan H. Bowles-Dove, Carl Giddings, Kenrick Abdul Julien, Don L. Marsman, Clement C. Walker.


Geoff Lapp, Evelyn Mitchell, Trevor W. Payne, Ian Smith, Piano; Glenn Bradley, Flute Saxophone;Evelyn Mitchell, Raymond Perrin, Organ; Robert Bachelor, Synthesizer; Kathleen Dyson, Guitar; Stefano Pando, Lute; Caroline Lisotte, Harp; Abdul Wali Muhammad, Drums; Lilison, Aldo Mazza, Percussion; George Mitchell, Double Bass; Andre Whiteman, Electric Bass;

Boodoo sing Tassa Band:
    * Bodoo Singh (Cutting Drum),
    * Lenny Kumar (Timing Drum),
    * Munesh Kumar (Jahal)(Brass),
    * Suresh Kumar (Bass Drum).